Lyren I


The near mythical first Verran Empress. It was her that found the Six gods and brought them to Lamradil resulting in the formation of the modern religious codes. How she managed this has become an impossible subject to research buried as it is in mountains of Verran propaganda about how she was the holiest to ever walk the earth.

She did establish the Holy Verran Empire and much of the codes of laws are attributed to her wisdom. She is mostly revered for her victory over the member of the [Conclave known as Quasaxim with the aid of her god Tyr (it was in this victory that Tyr’s hand was lost, hence he is named the bloody handed.)

She is less well known for her bloody campaign to extend the Godsreach into the neighbouring lands of Selucos a bloody religious war that still flares up today and is the cause of much of the bloodshed in Lamradil.

Lyren I

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