Holy Verran Empire

Established by the queen Lyren I in the fallout after Skyfall this is the first of the mortal kingdoms both in establishment and global power. Their ships range the further est and their laws cover the most territory of any of the Four Powers. They are the centre of religious worship housing five of the great temples to the Six with only the temple of Waukeen being found elsewhere. Their centres of learning are only eclipsed by those of the Republic and they are widely known to be vying for the patronage of several key scholars around the world.


Their empire is divided by the inner sea, with their mighty capital Grenille in the south built over the site of Lyren’s famous victory. The Cathedral of All dominates the cities skyline and it’s politics, the priesthoods of the Six having long established dominance over the line of the Empress. The position of Empress is largely titular and although she commands immense love and veneration from her people she is largely politically powerless.
In the south of their Empire is another remnant of Krakmanor The Heart of Pride that was the target of Chagatai’s horde during the War of Stolen Graves.

International situation

Having recently concluded the Port War with Mereaine on humbling terms there are factions among the Verrans who wish for a resumption of war with their neighbours.
The disappearance of the Verran treasure fleet of 687 still rankles and many within the Verran Empire have private suspicions blaming the Gnomes of the Republic for it.

Holy Verran Empire

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