1150 PF – The great pyramids of Shazid are believed to have been erected on the site where the Old Gods first gave their commission to the dragons.

1140 – 800 PF – The dragons spread throughout the continent of Lamradil defeating and subjugating the lesser races

768 PF – The Great Wyrm Thraximalon dies in battle defeating an uprising led by various humanoid religious figures leading an uprising against the Old Gods.

712PF At the Battle of Rai-Palin the western continent of Lamradil is finally subdued by the Dragon kingdoms of Krakmanor.

696PF – The worship of the Old Gods becomes the state religion and the lesser humanoid deities are suppressed violently by a draconic inquisition. With the death of the last priest of Lathandar the god himself departs.

17PF – The Great Wyrm Askeladran makes contact with extra planar entities and the resulting confrontation is believed responsible for the events which follow.

1PF – The Conclave is rocked by the death of three of its Great Wyrms by unknown assassins and the Balance is destroyed throwing Krakmanor into instability

Skyfall – Great meteors rained down from the sky the world over leaving devastation and ruin in their wake. Crops failed and people starved causing massive upheaval the weakened Conclave is in no position to respond. The Old Gods fall silent and their absence is made obvious by the weakened response of the dragons and their servants to the uprising.

2SF – The uprising claims the life of its first victim. The newly formed Holy Verran Empire led by their new queen Lyren I tears down one of the Conclave with the help of her goddess.

4SF – The breakup of Krakmanor continues with the foundation of several new kingdoms from the wreckage of the Eastern Provinces. Both Selucos and the Patrian kingdoms emerge and will dominate vast tracts of the wild countries despite being locked in bitter rivalry.

5SF – The humiliating surrender of the Dragonborn legions at Rai-Palin allows for the formation of the kingdom of Ethran in the Skye Isles

23SF – The last known member of the Conclave Varimakos is executed for his ‘crimes’ by the new Republic of Triasamene shortly after the Gnomish invention of Black Powder

98SF – Vergain s’gauile unites the human tribes in the vacated Krakmanor province of Yevaine and with the aid of the Fey Court of Mists forges a royal council that will in turn elect him the king of the kingdom of Mereaine.

539SF – The Ethran Civil War established the Mercian Treaty limiting the power of the king and establishing the first of Ethran’s Parliaments.

555SF – The War of Stolen Graves in which the tribesfolk of Selucos led by Chagatai nearly bring the Verran Empire to its knees.

613SF – The foundation of the Ethran Trading Charter to secure trade with the eastern kingdom of Selucos

615SF – The revolutionary navigation techniques of the Ethran Trading Charter lead to the discovery of the continent of Tegryon.

617SF – Both Mereaine and the Republic of Triasamene publish charters allowing for the establishment of extra national corporations to compete for trade in Tegryon.

632SF – The discovery of the alchemical process to create Darksteel is stolen in one of the first recorded examples of industrial espionage in the colonies. Rapidly disseminated through the four powers the raw materials become a significant source of competition in Tegryon.

640SF – The colony of Maitlund is establish by royal decree on behalf of the Cadle family. The city of Ruthven is established shortly afterwards

644SF – The escalating race for colonies in the new world leads to the Treaty of Laibacht delineating spheres of influence in Tegryon to the four Powers the Holy Verran Empire, Ethran, the Republic of Triasamene and Mereaine

687SF – The disappearance of the Verran treasure fleet under the command of Mateo de Encinas deprives the Verran Empire of a vast sum of money and places their Empire in danger of defaulting on several positions.

704SF – Conflict over trading ports in the Patrian kingdoms led to a war between Mereaine and the Holy Verran Empire. This bloody conflict would rage, with varying degrees of intensity for nearly twenty years.

714SF – The Battle of Ruthven fought between the colonists of Maitlund and the Asrai tribe the Elennalrai ends with the defeat of the elves.

719SF – In a stunning maneuver the Verran port of Cadis is razed by the totally legitimate seafarer the Count Jean-Fran├žois-Marie Arquier.

722SF – The Treaty of Tarrenbrook ends the war with terms largely favourable to the kingdom of Mereaine. Despite this the ‘criminal’ Jean-Fran├žois-Marie Arquier is turned over to the Verrans for his role in the sack of Cadis.

744SF – The beginings of the Four Years War between Mereaine and her Elven allies and the Ethran Provinces spreads to the Eastern continent

748SF – The siege of Caymore to the Mereainese and their Elven allies brings the war to an end.

749SF – The Navigation Act passed by the Ethran Parliament to pay for the defence of the Tegryon Provinces is immensely unpopular in the colonies and marks the beginning of the resistance to Ethran rule


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