Ethran Trading Charter


The first and greatest of the international charters. Founded in 613SF by the Ethran Parliament in the beginning of the rush for commerce. After the success of the Liabilities Act in furthering trade by inspiring a rush on stock trading and taking opportunities. The original purpose behind a Charter backed by national capital was that it would have the scope to beat out the Charters backed by the Republic of Triasamene The trading mission to the tribes of Selucos was an outstanding success and the profits from the venture more than justified the risk taken by Parliament meddling in private trading. The initial float emboldened a further four Members to become involved in the company taking the Board of Directors to seven by the end of 613SF they had become rich men.

Their employment of the renegade Gnomish Engineer Georgio Lamarazzo led to the discovery of the compass. Shortly followed by the astrolabe and the development of the Night Charts that allowed long range navigational expeditions. By 615SF an explorer by the name Matthew Rutven who journeyed to the west initiating the discovery of Tegryon some months later.

Royal assent was given for the establishment of Chestertown colony and the province of New Skye. The Charter reaped a virtual monopoly on colonial trade from the Parliament by way of thanks for the initial investment.

However, this golden age was not to last . The Night Charts had been stolen in one of the greatest acts of espionage since the fall of the Conclave. Shortly afterwards both Mereaine and the Republic of Triasamene establish nationally backed independent charters to exploit the resources of the new land.

The competition grew increasingly fierce as the Charters waged an undeclared war on the Broadsea. Largely separate from the national governments the Charters recruited large private armies to pursue their agendas and the violence continued to escalate. Amidst this conflict the Charter setup two new colonies Kingsport and Trenton to trade in both tobacco and the newly discovered Darksteel.

The violence ended officially with the Treaty of Laibacht and the entry of the Holy Verran Empire into the race for the colonies. The arrival of the newcomer changed the balance of power and the Four Powers met to agree on a division of the new lands.

Their wide ranging trade empire is controlled from Lakath by the Board of Directors a 13 member group charged with overseeing their far flung commercial goals. The colonies of Tegryon are overseen by one of these directors Rachel Chalmers and from their broken up into a representative for each of the 7 provinces. The Maitlund representative being Royce Coolidge and the Cameran representative
Bannister Morton who sent Thomas Copperfield to investigate the irregular trading in Maitlund

Ethran Trading Charter

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