Tag: The Six


  • Vasatasena

    She has been the priestess of [[Sune]] in [[Ruthven]] for nearly thirty years now. It was her that stared down the [[Puritan]] demagogue [[Charles Whitman]] when he wanted to run the 'purveyors of sin' from the town by the authority of Gond and Tyr. She …

  • Prelate Henry Laughlin

    He has been in the province of Maitlund for nearly forty years now and is a staunch ally of the [[Cadle]] family. He is regarded by the populace as being harsh and fair in matters of religion and while always a champion of the [[supremacy of Tyr]] he has …

  • Abigail Thom

    The judge of everything that happens in the markets of Ruthven she is well aware of almost all of the transactions taking place in her city. It is to her that merchants apply to make sure deals are honoured and respected, she is an advocate of open and …

  • Anne-Marie Wilkershire

    One of the wandering priestesses of the Six Anna-Marie is a missionary working in Frederick County on behalf of her superiors in Ruthven. She has dispensed the mercies of the church fairly and as a result she is well regarded by the people in general. …

  • Betsy Hawkins

    Has apparently led the Inquisition for years and quite successfully. Many see her as a relic and unnecessary in this day and age. Coincidentally the same 'many' are the ones who have yet to interact with the Forbidden or their dark plots.

  • Malcom Yates

    A recent arrival in Ruthven he has been making political waves within the Church of the Six and rumours abound about his ambitions. He seems to be making political capital out of allying with the more puritanical parts of Ruthven society.

  • Bree McLenna

    Her annual circuit of the farming hamlets of Maitlund led her to a new found area of Blight. Like many of Chauntea's faith she is a little less conflicted in calling on the aid of the pagan druids if it results in less Blight. They sent Ghotti instead.

  • Aaron Glassford

    Stationed at the Monastery of the Sacred Stone this priest of the Unidivided. One of the liaisons of the Monastery to the town of Shriveport he has built up a positive relationship with the people, in particular the militia with which he helped hunt down …