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  • Kurnam and Bryne

    [[File:895165 | class=media-item-align-none | Kurnam_and_Bryne.jpg]]The University of Maitlund was established by the dwarven families of Kurnham and Bryne in the year 707SF. The two brothers were wealthy merchant explorers who made most of the maps of …

  • Haydenbrooke

    [[File:827153 | class=media-item-align-none | Haydenburg.jpg]] A small shipping village of no more than five hundred souls this sleepy little town represents the first port of call for many arriving in Tegryon with less than legal intent. Moderately …

  • Cadle

    The Cadle family were granted the establishment Charter for the colony of Maitlund by King William IIIand parliament. Their descendants have continued to profit from the duties imposed on imports and exports from the colonies despite the recent heir never …

  • Battle of Ruthven

    In 714SF one of the tribes of the Asrai launched a bloody war against the colonists aimed at wiping them off the map. A series of battles culminated in a fight outside the very gates of Ruthven itself. The sacrifice of the militia and the prowess of the …

  • Tor Erast

    The glorious port city at the mouth of the Willon River responsible for the defence of the elven lands from the monsters of the Broadsea[[File:918796 | class=media-item-align-none | Tor_Erast.jpg]] A centre for the veneration of the Elven Saint of the …

  • Haldam Grensman

    A colonist that earned his way out of indentured servitude and now works as a freehold man on [[:alexander-bloodsworth | Alexander Bloodsworth]]'s farm.

  • Betsy Hawkins

    Has apparently led the Inquisition for years and quite successfully. Many see her as a relic and unnecessary in this day and age. Coincidentally the same 'many' are the ones who have yet to interact with the Forbidden or their dark plots.

  • Jason Laurens

    Widely regarded as a soul of the earth colonist done well. He owns several plantations and has spoken for the rights of the small holders against the powerful Tidewater families and has recently made an enemy of the [[Cadle]] family with his proposition …

  • Captain Isaac Brock

    He is respected by his men for his honest and fair policies as well as a reputation for sheer badassery he built up in campaigns for the Ethrans around the world. Commander of the fort overlooking Crasson Pass into the frontier.