Tag: Ethran


  • Laws of Succession

    After the conversion of [[:princess-justinia-harkin | Princess Justinia Harkin]] to the Verran faith of her mother Parliament and the Council of Thanes passed a law disinheriting the Princess and passing the throne onto the kings brother unless legitimate …

  • Thomas Copperfield

    Thomas Copperfield is bright, talkative, and generally compassionate. He is a man who always has several irons in the fire. A member of the Ethran Trading Charter in good standing, he is good friends with Violet Franklin and long-time employer of his …

  • Captain Isaac Brock

    He is respected by his men for his honest and fair policies as well as a reputation for sheer badassery he built up in campaigns for the Ethrans around the world. Commander of the fort overlooking Crasson Pass into the frontier.

  • Ewen Harkin

    The young man has had the finest education available to anyone and is well positioned to make an excellent king, his health not withstanding. There is also the troubling problem of his minority