Prelate Henry Laughlin

The head of the church of Tyr and unofficial head of the Six in Maitlund


A stern man with a rich sonorous voice the Prelate can hold crowds spellbound with his preaching.


He has been in the province of Maitlund for nearly forty years now and is a staunch ally of the Cadle family. He is regarded by the populace as being harsh and fair in matters of religion and while always a champion of the supremacy of Tyr he has not, yet, forced the matter or tried to oppress the Dissenter faction in the churches of the Six.


  1. He has an illegitimate child in the House of Burgessess whom he has advanced over the years.
  2. He fought and held of a small regiment of Mereainese raiders by himself during the Four Years War.
  3. His powers have begun to wane in his old age

Prelate Henry Laughlin

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