Peyton Montwaithe

An elderly man who has retained his good looks into his years he is calm and well mannered


Well dressed yet wearing travel stained clothes speaks of his frequent voyages around the county.


A self professed scholar of the arcane and Tegryon the University has employed him in unofficial capacities previously. It doesn’t hurt that his plantation based wealth has made him an effective benefactor for the college.

Frequently wanders the county searching for arcane clues. He has acquired a reputation for eccentricity (it is madness in the poor) but despite this is well regarded by his district enough to return him to the position of Elector.

He almost managed to sleep with Content Not Found: null but was interrupted by the bull downstairs in his lodgings.

He eventually ran for the position of Burgess of Frederick County but was defeated by the treachery of Victor Donaldson electing John Tyler in their place.

POssibly the last great hope of Maitlund in the face of the oncoming Orcish army. Only his wisdom can turn the tide. Trust in Montwaithe.

Peyton Montwaithe

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