Bannister Morton

The ETC man in Cameran


A balding elderly man with a dignified paunch, he wears fashionable clothes and speaks quickly as though he is trying to catch up with is thoughts.


A true story of rags to riches Bannister’s father was a farm hand in a poor area of Ethran. He excelled at school winning one of the few scholarship entrances into the Academies of Sciences in the Old World. From there he was able to leverage his ingenious engineering skills into a position in the Trading Charter and through successful and often ruthless application of his cleverness has made it to be the Charterman in charge of the most prosperous colony Cameran.
It is him that was suspicious of the goings on of Royce Coolidge and sent Thomas Copperfield to investigate. He is a longstanding proponent of Manifest Destiny and the exploitation of the colonies riches.

There are rumours of a rivalry between him Rupert Chalmers

Bannister Morton

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