The Colonies of Tegryon

Act One: Scene Seven
The Fall of Tor Erast

Offered visions of the past by the intervention of the Mad God three ghosts of the drowned city shared their memories of the last days of the great elven port with the heroes.

The Deepguard, the (surprisingly inept) Merewatcher and the Speaker revealed Iminye’s role in the fall of the city and her death, the existence of something referred to as the Veilstones which apparently anchored the magic required for The Fading and offered the possibility of its removal.

Hints were uncovered as to the nature of the Asrai and where they came from as well as the darkness that lurks within them.

All in all, a good time, would visit again.

Act One : Scene Four
An Accord

The resulting treaty from the meeting at Oak Alley leaves no one happy but such is the nature of compromise. The Asrai will stand with the colonists against the oncoming horde of the shattered sun in return for trading concessions and the protection of the sacred sites scattered through the province of Maitland.

Critics of the governor have been quick to point out the problems inherent in the application of the treaty but her supporters manage its passage through the House of Burgesses in part due to an excellent defence of the treaty by John Tyler.

The unusual wedding between the wealthy heir Dominic Vox and his native bride Syndra Kaelind was the talk of Ruthven in the winter season. Society was divided between those who thought it a frivolous whimsical event from an eccentric mainlander to those who thought it tantamount to treason.

A great loss to scholarship with the passing of the professor for the study of indigenous peoples Peyton Montwaithe. His funeral was attended by scores of mourners.

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We survived
Not a moment of worry at all

The dust settles and calm finally arrives at Oak Alley. The orcish warband led by Kurutai was driven off and the Aranshae have arrived at the plantation. Now to survive the diplomatic machinations of Allan Ramsey and his bunch before the compact can actually be signed.

At least the cavalry has arrived.

An Accord

The situation at Oak Alley has become far more complicated. The arrival of Peyton Montwaithe and Eliza Hallet were unforeseen as they were apparently uninvited. Despite this they could be dealt with.

The hunt that John Singer Sallinger had organised for the day came askew when an orc raiding party interrupted the affair and a brief bloody fight ensued.

Roderick's Freedom
The perils of knowing the future

With a bare minimum of bloodshed our heroes managed to secure the release of Simon Roderick from Kirkbridge Asylum and handed him to their employer the esteemed Mr Royce Coolidge. While divining the future is heretical (at best) you are sure there will be no consequences for this.

The lack of your customary murder has left a positive impression behind with the University.

So that was Haydensbrook
Nice place, wouldn't want to live there

Our heroes return from the small smuggler’s enclave a little wiser and in possession of their prize the gnome Fluer Jannsen. Having outwitted the hag Aunty Bella Spitegrin and talked their way through her lighthouse lair.

A surprise addition to the party was Johan Smythe who was apparently there hunting his sister Isobella Smythe who apparently has turned part time Inquisitor.

Either way the future holds a great deal of opportunity for either the reunited Smythes or Team Copperfield. What will become of our heroes?

Tyler Ascendant
Act One: Scene One

After a series of at times ludicrously complicated machinations John Tyler won the election 6-4-4. His relationship with Maria Shadwell has begun a tentative renewal in the absence of his new flame. His arrival in the House of Burgesses energises an anti expansionist faction strengthening border defences with the construction of Fort Morton and allowing the resettlement of villages damaged in recent fighting.

Annabelle Stormont was unmasked as a warlock sworn to the Fae but no more was discovered regarding this. Three weeks later the death of David Hunt makes her a very rich woman as she is surprisingly named in his will as a beneficiary of his estate.

Aisling Sturbridge a Necromancer of some power nearly managed to have her new lover Montwaithe elected to the House. She remains ensconced at her Rappahanock Estates researching something presumably unholy. She has sworn to recover the Book of Quiet Mercy from its present holder.

Martha Hunt managed to swing a marriage to Alexander Hyram (who will prove disappointingly long lived.)

Our heroes escaped with their debts reduced and a stolen staff from the party of William S Balfour.

Please add anything from Act One: Scene One that you think I should definitely take notice of and I will note it.

Act One Scene One
Restless dead librarians

Please feel free to add your own updates or details. You are absolutely free to edit the wikis with your own notes or update your character section.

A wraith attempted to repossess the book that Thomas had acquired. The ghost Iminye continues to be a gold mine of information.

A meeting with Annabelle Stormont was potentially profitable. Perhaps there is a way to slip your chains.

A meeting with Margot Randolph went well with her darkly implying there was some form of conspiracy at work in her house. There were potential Forbidden cultists working to take her charges and put them to nefarious use. These rumours were given a great deal more weight when her murdered body was found in her small shrine at the orphanage.

There was a strange dragonborn monk who extremely politely asked that both Alexander Bloodsworth and Violet Franklin desist in your search into matters pertaining to the Asrai.

Frederick County
Election time

The powers that be Royce Coolidge have decided that they wish the charming confidant Annabelle Stormont to lose to the somewhat less charming and confidant John Tyler.

The PCs have been dispatched to secure the votes of the remaining 8 electors

The Fate of Hartfordshire
Always Leave a Note....

So we were all lured into Hartfordshire under false-ish pretences.

One good drugging (or beating if you are Alexander) later and we all wake up alive in an upstairs room. We go downstairs to find everyone in the Inn slain methodically by slit throats and chaos reigning in the town outside. We deal to some rampaging Orcs who have no tongues and investigate a little.

We save a little local boy whose mother is dead, but who was spared by the Elves who rampaged through ahead of the Orcs. We find out later he is likely half-blood elven.

We investigate the local Manor house and find more orcs inside. We kill them and discover several things of interest.

1. There is a Secret Entrance to caves below the Manor. Inside is clear Cult activity to do with the Forgotten Gods – specifically Mask, Malar and Talona – some kind of meeting took place. There are several slain here: the Maitland Governor’s Son, the rich owner of the Manor, the Mereainese Spy – Camille Du Bois De La Motte and several others (who else? I forget – we ID’d them at the time). They were killed by arrows and spears, but made to look like the attack was perpetrated by animalistic savages.

2. We find and access a locked chest in the Cult Cave. It contains documents which prove that the Lieutenant who led the heroic defense of Caymore during the 4 years war was actually a monster. He led his own troops against the people of the city and instigated a reign of terror. These documents could be used for all kinds of purposes and are incredibly dangerous. Thomas takes possession of them.

3. We find a safe upstairs which ends up containing 250gp worth of paper bonds. Thomas can cash them out once we reach civilisation and they are kept with Fish until that time. They will be split and shared out 7 ways when the time comes.

We investigate the Inn to find the Cider was dosed to put a lot of people out. If this was the festival cider, perhaps it was poisoned at the barrel and many people fell victim to it. We find Trolls sitting in the village market square and decide to avoid them.

After leaving some false trails and burying the Manor owners out in the woods, we attempt to find shelter at Alexander’s farmstead a few hours out of Hartford. Instead we are met by Royce Coolidge who, through a mixture of coercion (threat of death by elves) and blackmail (threat of exposure to authorities of our surviving Hartford), forces us to acknowledge a life-debt to him and be magically bound to honour it. We are now bound to his cause until we work off this favour…


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