The campaign home page for ‘Colonies of Tegryon’ a fantasy RPG set in a homebrew world and run using the 5e Dungeons and Dragons system. The concept of the game is a setting roughly equivalent to our own 18th Century Europe in terms of the technology and politics. The Colonies of the new continent of Tegryon are feeling unjustly treated in the wake of the Four Years War and exploring that resentment and their quest for justice in the light of a system that condones slavery and the exploitation of the natives of the land will be essential themes of the chronicle.

The plan is to break the story into four Acts set against the struggle for independence as the characters assume more important roles in the wider story.

You can see the history here. Certainly not required reading but will explain some of the things happening in the world. If you are trained in History you have to pay the price and read it.

There are some character creation guidelines here.

There is some setting specific information for equipment here.